Monday Mixer


1 – “Sounds like Hallelujah” -The Head and Heart

In honor for Pygmalion, The Head and Heart has dominated my most played artist for the past month. This song in particular jitters all the feel-good vibes we all seem to be missing lately. Imagine a good bike ride, the perfect cup of coffee, or a week without any exams. “For the first time/Sounds like hallelujah for the first time.”

2 – “Cindy + Me” – Caged Animals

Caged Animals is front-man Vincent Cacchione’s project after former band Soft Black, where he explores a newly optimistic chime with his new album In the Land of Giants. At times, Cacchione’s voice strikes a catchy resemblance to that of Ezra Koenig’s (Vampire Weekend). It’s the synth-accordion that grabs onto your polka-loving heartstrings and gives them a good tug.

3 – “Alien Days” – MGMT

MGMT’s new (self-titled) album came out a couple of weeks ago, and Alien Days seems to be just the right amount of kooky you’ll need in your week. It’s also pretty normal to feel like you’ve been slipped the Never Ending Story soundtrack at some points during this track.

4 – “I Have No Sister” – Oh No Oh My!

I don’t know all too much about this band outside of their album Oh No! Oh My! and its tendency to be sweetly outlandish and unusual. Here’s a song that’s brutally frank and somewhat destructive, but hey, at least they’re being honest.

5 – “Futile Devices”- Sufjan Stevens

There’s been some recent “geeking out” about Sufjan over at WPGU with some of the music staff writers, so it felt necessary to add this composition from his last released album (that wasn’t one of his FIVE new Christmas albums that came out last winter.) Age of Adz was a strong turn from Sufjan’s previous banjo-piccolo-36-piece-orchestra-cheerleading-squad persona, where he indulged in an album that was purely experimental. Futile Devices opened the album and retained some of Sufjan’s former style, leading into the twisted masterpiece that is Age of Adz.

6 – “The Wanting Comes in Waves”- The Decemberists

The Decemberists released Hazards of Love in 2009, which tells a love story about shape-shifters, a queen fairy, and many other whacky and charmingly composed characters. This album is poetic, hilarious, tragic, and all around just plain fantastic. Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond (and former back-up vocalist for Sufjan Stevens) contributes stellar vocals to this track and the rest of the album.

7 – “Boys Like Me” – Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau sings about first love, family dogs, and all the things that matter.

8 – “Blessed Soul”- Merriment

Christie DuPree and Collin DuPree are the youngest siblings of the family-band Eisley, and prove to be just as equally talented. In addition to the blatant similarity between Christie and both her older sisters Stacy and Sherri, Merriment is slightly reminiscent of First Aid Kit with the airy yet warming tones they provide.

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