Monday Mixer


With all the red runny noses and constant coughs, I feel as though a good mix of healthy dancing jams will brighten all those who are cursed with these symptoms. Feel free to turn the music up, and I advise for a good dance session to clear those sinuses. WARNING: there is no specific genre, just dance.

1. Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest – This jam simply tells how to just let loose. I feel very relaxed; it gives you the feeling anyone can dance. Yes, you, you can do it! Easy one of the best songs to start a dance party or end it or play on repeat the whole time.

2. Party All The Time- Eddie Murphy – This classic story of a uncontrollable woman who won’t sacrifice her love of dancing and partying for the love of any one man. Besides the heavy influence of partying, she encompasses the independent woman of 1985.

3. Bottoms Up- Keke Palmer – But of course, a classic rump shaker. To be honest, this song had been almost every workout playlist I’ve ever made, and I know the words very, very well. My Achilles Heel is a song based around snaps and claps, its just great to help me stay on beat and keep my steps all together, breaker dancer style.

4. Dreams- Fleetwood Mac – If you’re a lover of Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks, you will understand how this is sing out loud and dance song. Usually, one can use this song to get the attention of all as you belt out and sway.

5. Ob-La- Di, Ob-La-Da- The Beatles – This is all: If you don’t dance to this song, you don’t enjoy music correctly. I feel sorry for those poor people.

6. Love on Top – Beyoncé – Out of her numerous number 1’s, I choose this smooth track because Queen B has the moves to save someone’s life and she has the power to make anyone dance. Her voice is perfect, she is perfect, and so is Blue Ivy. This is a party favorite.

7. Come on Eileen—Dexy’s Midnight Runner – I won’t lie, I am extremely biased for loving this song. I luckily have grown up loving this song because my beautiful mother is named Eileen, and have always been singing it to her. Also, who hasn’t heard this at a wedding? Grab some friends and spin around in overalls for the sake of these people and my mother.

8. Jump Around- House of Pain – The title of the song easily explains how exactly to dance and break down. There is no really correct way to jump, but just make sure not to fall and you should do fine.

9. Do the John Wall – Troop 41 – Out of all the directed dance songs, this one hits home. It talks about the official rules of basketball, love of ones city, and physical fitness. Just remember to flex it up to the left.

10. Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leppard – This classic 80’s rock song takes me back to the good old days. I choose this song last because this song seems to encompass all the greatest of music and the greatness of a whole decade of music. I applaud you Def Leppard for illuminating the mix between 80s rock and 80s dance.

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Hello! My name is Ellen Youpel and I am a junior in the school of LAS, majoring in History. I was born and raised on the Southwest Side of Chicago,in the Beverly-Morgan Park Area. To be honest, when it comes to music, I love it all. If it makes me want to dance, sing, jam, or jump, you got me hooked.

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