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The best way to get me out of bed and on time to those dreadful 9 am classes in this -5º weather is dreaming of summer. So put on your favorite pair of shades, and let’s count down the next 30 days until we can step outside and and reintegrate with the outside world with some of my favorite summer season tracks.

Kids These Days – Summerscent
“Summerscent” was one of the first songs I heard by Kids These Days, and what could remind you of summer more than a laid back beat and chill horn tags? Summer is knocking at your door, so open it up and share this one with your friends. It will almost feel like May, just don’t forget to go to class.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Janglin’
The best way I can describe this song is pure joy, almost the same joy one feels when they bask in the summer sun. So definitely consider using this song as a substitute for sunlight and keep up those positive vibes, it’s what Ed Sharpe would want.

Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On
Sometimes summer can get a little hectic and crazy, especially with those occasional summer flings. When this happens, I suggest doing as Father John would and crashing into the wave with full force. Make your mistakes and then rewind with a new semester and regain your senses. Don’t take my advice seriously. I just like the song.

Smith Westerns – Be My Girl
Although it may feel that winter will never come to an end, it will eventually. But to pass the time, listening to The Smithwesterns will help you stay in denial of the cold, frigid and dreary outdoor conditions. Hang in there friends!

The Black Lips – Go Out and Get It
A signature ritual of summer is going to the beach, even if you live in the dry Midwest. So some mild surf rock will obviously put you in your best summer mood, but you still should wear your winter boots for a few more weeks.

Crystal Castles – Plague
I saw Crystal Castles at Lollapalooza last summer and it was one of the better performances, in my opinion. This song always puts me in the mood to do something exciting or adventurous, which is how summer should be! Remember, there are roughly one hundred summers in a lifetime, so live them up.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This
Summer is also a time for all of us North American residents to stalk tour dates of our favorite performers from overseas, specifically the UK in this case. They may not be as globally known as Sir Paul McCartney, but Bombay Bicycle Club can deliver the summer feels. Feel some summer vibes with this track, and hope that it will always be like this.

Oberhofer – o0oo0oo
Oberhofer swept the country on festival lineups in the summer for 2012, and this song displays the reason for that perfectly. This song is upbeat on a recording but explodes with energy in a live performance, with Brad Oberhofer’s hair flailing every which way. Practice your head banging with this song so you can be as cool as him.

Ratatat – Loud Pipes
This song has a riff that will never get old, and will also be stuck in your head for the next week until the next Monday Mixer comes along to fill your head with great music. But when you are in the mood to dance and chill at the same time, give this track a spin.

The Punch Brothers – Movement and Location
One thing that sticks out to me about The Punch Brothers, and that I absolutely love, is the sounds they are able to make organically with their ensemble. It creates a beautiful array of timbres and color and this song gives that skill justice. Listen to this song and expand your horizons, like a summer sunset.

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