Monday Mixer


A few months ago I read a blog post detailing 50 unique things that I should consider during my college career. It was an entry that was not only charmingly written but also entirely doable, which is why it’s been perched on my bookmarks bar ever since. The whole list is loaded with arguably indispensable advice, but what really resonated with me was the suggestion to document this point in my life with playlists. The countless studies done on music and the brain is really something to freak out about, maybe most notably because they’ve indicated that songs can be encoded like autobiographical memories. We’ve actually proved that music is deep. Literally.

So because of this, combined with the notion of foreseeable casualties if I were to ever take up scrapbooking, I’ve been making these playlists. Here’s a snapshot of my second semester.

50 Things:

Sucré – Say Something

As an avid Eisley fan, it was impossible not to latch onto Sucré. Stacy King has this gilding and impossibly ethereal voice that is so distinctly striking. Add strings, brass, or just any instrument you’ve ever loved (because Jeremy Larson plays them all, apparently) along with Darren King (Mutemath) on percussion, and it’s effectively a piece of music collaboration heaven.

Among Savages – New York City

Do you remember that time we were all dangerously close (so close) to buying ski masks for a 10 minute walk to class? Here’s a song that makes it feel like 70 degrees does exist.

Shannon and the Clams – Rip Van Winkle

Cody sports a curling vaudeville mustache. Shannon is your modern day pin-up girl. They play garage rock surf music with no apologies.

Lavender Diamond – Oh My Beautiful World

This song is subdued and reminiscent of all things good and maternal, making it a fitting part for the album named Incorruptible Heart.

Fanfarlo – Replicate

There’s that hint of a haunted carnival or something similarly unsettling in this song, and the staccato of violins is definitely withholding. I still lose track of what I’m doing once it blazes into the chorus and becomes what fireworks would sound like if they could do more than crackle.

Phantogram – When I’m Small

When I first heard this song I entered this never ending loop of “holy crap” and I guess I never really left it. Sarah Barthel was definitely a Siren in another life.

Andrew Bird – Pulaski at Night

The adoration Andrew Bird has for Chicago is in itself entirely venerable. There is no lack of authenticity in sound and feel, and even after all these years I’m still jolted by this realization. “Pulaski at Night” is shadowed and romantic, always on the cusp of a maddening power that’s gracefully played through on violin. In other words: Ugh.

Cillie Barnes – Veranda (RAC Mix)

I don’t how Cillie Barnes came to me but it might as well had been in a dream. See for yourself:

Broods – Bridges

Broods has that ‘sounds like Lorde’ feel that everyone keeps Googling but without any loss to the genuineness of their own name. Broods released this track as part of their debut EP this January, with a full length to be expected in August.

Rilo Kiley – More Adventurous

There was a point in time during which I completely forgot about Rilo Kiley, and for this I am ashamed. I’ve brought back 2004’s More Adventurous because it’s an album that prompts me to be just that. It particularly encompasses much more of her very capable folk side, (“I didn’t know you listened to country” my roommate remarked at one point) and the lyrics of this track detail a heart-wrenchingly beautiful narrative that is reminiscent of Jenny Lewis.

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