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Written by Ellen Chen

Temples- Shelter Song

The way the members of Temples dress can say a lot about their music. Just like how their wardrobe seems to be a retro closet, their music style points to the psychedelic rock style of the 60s and 70s. I’ve been hooked to their songs ever since I heard “Shelter Song”. They played at Coachella this year and will be performing in Lollapalooza.

Damon Albarn- Mr. Tembo

Being a die-hard fan of Gorillaz, I had long awaited for Damon Albarn’s solo album to come out. Although his solo album is very different from his Gorillaz project, the track “Mr. Tembo” pulls me in for its light ukulele sound and cheerful melody.

The Proclaimers- I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

Interestingly I discovered this song from a movie with Rebel Wilson called “Bachelorette”. Though I wouldn’t recommend the film, I was glad to have discovered this song from it. It has become a staple in my morning playlist because of its playful lyrics and energetic tune. Not to mention, the heavy Scottish accent of duo singers Craig and Charlie Reid adds a distinct flair to the song.

Sebastian- Love in Motion

I’ve been hooked to this funky song ever since I discovered it. Sebastian directs house music to a whole different direct with this song’s rock n roll style.

Sigur Ros- Svefn-g-englar

This is an example of how language is never a barrier when it comes to art and music. What I enjoy the most of this song, is the ethereal sound and how each part of the song are slowly introduced and harmonized with one another. For example, the long strumming of the cello is prevalent in the song, pairing nicely with frontman Jónsi Birgisson’s soft vocals.

Nick Mulvery- River Lea

“River Lea” is one of those songs that is so creatively composed that it sounds weirdly good. The song starts off slow in the beginning but it gets to a rapid, almost hurried and chaotic rhythm later. Having lived in Cuba before, Mulvey clashes tribal drums with sounds of cello. Its not something I would jam to when I’m in the car or chilling in my room, but it is so satisfying to listen to because it is so different from songs that are more melodic.

ASTR- Hold On We’re Going Home

This is an remarkable remix of Drake’s original. It still retains the sexy tone of the original but elevating the original to a more sophisticated level. The song opens with Zoe Singer’s sultry vocal and gets progressively better as different light, playful electronic sounds are introduced. ASTR pushes the boundaries of dance music, experimenting with R&B and borrowing elements from trap music.

Bleacher- I Wanna Get Better

I am convinced that this song will get anyone’s feet tapping and head bobbing. It’s a playful and upbeat tune which invigorates me. The enthusiastic vocal almost shouts at you with a message that is relatable to almost all of us.

James Blake- Life Round Here

James Blake to me is one of the most innovative and gifted musician of our century. Using his talent with the piano, he masterfully merges R&B and electronic, resulting to tracks that are soulful, moody and complemented with a dose of dubstep and jazz. In “Life Round Here”, the piano kicks right in and leads the rest of the song with a dubstep pattern.

Deer Tick- Baltimore Blues

Deer Tick reminds me a bit of The Black Keys with their rock but somewhat country-like style and rugged, raw vocals. The song “Baltimore Blues”, having a sad melody and dark lyrics, is like a beautiful blue-collared ballad to me.

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