Monday Mixer


Cloud Cult – No One Said It Would be Easy

It took me until this year to discover Cloud Cult and I easily regret the years I was without them. Feel Good Ghosts has this omniscient tone that encapsulates the human condition and finds a way to sweetly detail the symbiosis of the world. “Everything you need is here/everything you fear is here/and it’s holding you up/It just keeps holding you up.”

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

First Aid Kit’s 2014 album, Stay Gold, comes out June 10th, and this track gives us a taste of their emphatic and echoing musical tone and talent. Sisters Johanna and Klara are the perfectly harmonized duo, and since their faming 2008 Fleet Foxes cover they’ve continued to develop their own take on a modern folk.

Kishi Bashi – Atticus, In the Desert

After seeing him again just this past weekend, Kishi Bashi found a way to stir up my own amazement with vocal loops and violin pizzicatos. Each time he performs there are new improvisation of my favorite songs that make them grander and even more impressive. There’s an obvious and heavy cognitive load associated with all of his music, instilling the faith that Bashi’s creative pool is endless.

Youth Lagoon – Droopla

Youth Lagoon always retains a quirk that reminds me of twisted landscapes in outer space, or at least some other place I haven’t imagined yet.

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/ An Argument

I had been too stuck on Fleet Foxes sound in their 2008 self-titled album to give Helplessness Blues a proper listen, until I heard this song. Pecknold’s vocals in this track are incredible and have me completely mesmerized.

Yann Tiersen & Dominique A – Monochrome

Yann Tiersen is my favorite composer, composing soundtracks for classic movies like Amélie and Good Bye, Lenin! As of late, he has moved passed the orchestrated grandeur of movie scores. His new album, Infinity, comes out this month and is more for the easy-listening audience. This song remains one of my favorites and is reminiscent of his distinctly accordion and Francophile phase, where he pairs with the vocals of Dominque A to conduct this twinkling melody.

Foxygen – San Francisco

There are few songs more sun-kissed than this one. It’s filled with undeniably feel-good vibes and comes highly recommended for your next road trip.

Arctic Monkeys – I Wanna be Yours

I definitely jumped on the Arctic Monkeys bandwagon with A.M., and for good reason. There’s something redeeming and completely justified in all of the lyrics of the album—it seems to distinguish emotions with which we are all too familiar. This song is one of the slower songs of the album and it never loses the raw force of the songs which precede it.

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