Monday Mixer


Giraffage – Close 2 Me

Giraffage, a San Francisco based DJ is known especially for his slick remixes of R&B tracks. That said, his standalone creations often offer up a smooth blend of flowy sounds with sharp snare and high hat rhythms. 

Glass Animals – Cocoa Hooves

Hailing from Oxford, Glass Animals are a band bound to make a mark on the American music scene, and soon! Their debut, Zaba, is a collection of what is probably some of the sexiest music I have ever listened to. “Cocoa Hooves” has a sultry and, at times, urgent sound. You should probably listen to this with a friend…

Usher – Climax

Usher. Apart from having probably the most impressive and well known midriff in the R&B industry, the man has become an iconic voice in the slow jams world. “Climax” is a song that I’m sure all of you have already heard, but its a really super duper track and it makes me think of low lit rooms so it’s here and you should listen to it (again).  

FKA Twigs – Ache

If you haven’t caught any of the buzz flying around FKA Twigs you probably need to spend more time in Europe. Or on tumblr. Or just in a place where they talk about really cool, artsy type music (probably somewhere in Urbana…). She’s young, she’s beautiful and, dare I say most importantly, she’s incredibly talented. Her music is a nod to trip hop with a nice dose of electronic backing. 

Nightmares on Wax – Soul Purpose

Before (most) of your favorite DJs and electronic acts, there was Nightmares on Wax. Hip-hop inspired and edged with dub and techno sounds and styles, their music is an influential and oft sampled landmark for the electronic scene.

Lapalux – Without You

Lapalux is from Essex, England. He’s a twenty-something DIY producer and he is bringing the bass. This is one indie DJ and holy moly is he killin’ the game. This song, whose music video includes a really kick-ass gimp suit, feature Kerry Leatham on vocals and that alone should be enough to get you to click play. It’s smooth, it’s sexy and makes me feel culturally relevant. This is one hot track, folks. 

XXYYXX – Never Leave

XXYYXX, apart from having a particularly hard to pronounce name, is an extremely popular sound in the indie electronica scene. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Marcel Everett (the man behind the tables) has mastered the art of balancing ambient sound with coherent rhythm, creating compelling and dynamic songs worthy of your ears!

By the way, you should probably try really hard to check this guys set at Pygmalion this year!

Seiho – Double Bed

Seiho is a man to watch! Jazzy, wavy and undeniably hot, this Osaka native’s music is bound to make your head into a pendulum. “Double Bed” is one sweet, glitchy track and if you don’t like it you probably have your earbuds in backwards.

SZA – Childs Play

This next one comes from a friend of mine, whose musical taste I now hold in even higher regard. SZA exists in a vein similar to that of the aforementioned FKA Twigs, lazy and vivid vocals with a simple trip hop flow. Add onto that production by XXYYXX and a verse by Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper and you have yourself one hot ass track.

Photay – No Sass

Photay popped up on my soundcloud stream one day. That was a pretty good day. Here to close this Monday out is a Woodstock, New Yorker with a serious amount of swagger. Throwin’ nods to jazz while working some sort of bassy voodoo, this song does not bang, it throbs.

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