Monday Mixer


Bad Books – Forest Whitaker

As a collaborative effort side project by Kevin Devine and Andy Hull, Bad Books never fails in vocals or delivering a professional sound. As a fan of anything involving Hull, getting to listen to another record with him on it is always a treat.

Tycho – Awake

Throwing myself back into Pygmalion, I remember that this performance was stellar. There is something about a crowd of people standing together, completely mesmerized by the sound and aesthetics that were projected that gives me chills. Tycho masters the art of calm.

Nurses – So Sweet

“Is this Nurses? Wow I really need to listen to Nurses more.” –Everyone when I put this song on.

Mariee Sioux – Two Tongues

Finding this song was originally a mistake. In searching for Max Bemis’ and Chris Conley’s collaborative album Two Tongues, I stumbled across this folk-paradise. Mariee Sioux’s use of a Native America flute is hypnotic and feels omniscient; it reminds me that I should probably sit down and relax more often.

alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

Someone once sent me a playlist to do my homework to and this song ended up warranting a repeat loop. This was my first exposure to alt-J despite its established popularity, and this track in particular impressed me because it plays coolly and is notably natural and calculating.

Earlimart – Heaven Adores You

As an album I bought in middle school, Treble and Tremble is my own personal throwback. I’m still as easily impressed as I was as a pre-teen by the atmospheric vibes of this song, but mostly just sad because around this time Marisa and Ryan had just broken up on The O.C.

Gardens and Villa – Black Hills

Another Pygmalion band that deserves to be recognized. Being outside Mike N Molly’s venue with a crowd of no more than one hundred people was a surreal experience that made it only that much better. The intimacy this band was able to relay in sound (and proximity) is something I still look back on fondly—easily one of the best shows of the festival.

Washed Out – It All Feels Right

This song practically sparkles when it opens— it’s feel good music that’s wholehearted and gets me through anticipating the drop in temperature.

Lightspeed Champion – Midnight Surprise

Lightspeed Champion is Devonte Hymes of Blood Orange’s folk project, giving a scope of the range Hymes is capable of presenting. This song’s chorus is crawls and builds and treads lightly in a manner that works for a mature audience.

Black Bear – Black Bear

Black Bear is repetitive without being overbearing (no pun intended, I swear.) This song’s grainy quality is subdued and charming, with their genre labeled as “Vibe.”

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