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I’m dedicating this week’s playlist to some of my recent pick-me up songs. There are days when my two black bags (my eye bags that is) are more noticeable, and I believe this week is likely to be full of those days. From remixes to throwbacks, hopefully this playlist will get you through these last days before Thanksgiving break.

Odesza – Say My Name

I’m starting off this playlist with Odesza’s premiere song “Say My Name”. It is crafted so well, with sensational drumbeats and a catchy melody. This is an easy crowd pleaser and can be a fun dance song. It is definitely one the most creative pop songs, I’ve heard this year, and I am so excited to see them perform at the Canopy Club on February 27.

Lana del Rey – Florida Kilo (Sailor Remix)

Anyone who is familiar with Lana del Rey doesn’t expect a happy song from her. Glorifying the drug traffic scene in Miami “Florida Kilo” does not diverge from the songstress’s usual brooding lyrical taste. However, the remix of this track gives off a hazy and retro summer feel, and with Lana’s girlish voice and the dance-like sound, it is hard to not tap your feet when listening to this song.

The Tallest Man on Earth – The Dreamer (Samuraii Remix)

Hopefully this song will be like a piece of sunshine for you. I love the original just as much as this remix, but the Samuraii remix is less well known and definitely worth a listen.

Gabriel Rios – Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)

Thomas Jack has a knack for transforming any song by infusing a tropical vibe into it. His spin on the original “Gold” mixes things up by giving the song a playful tone, but keeps the unique violin sound and folksy vibe from Gabriel Rios.

How to Dress Well – & It Was You

Thomas Krell of How to Dress Well might as well be called a musical genius. “& It was You” accumulates multiple elements, creating layers after layers of fingersnaps, percussion and voices. The sweet melody and equally sweet lyrics make this song a good pick me up option.

Kaiser Chiefs – Good Days and Bad Days

This classic Brit- punk band delivers an optimistic message as well as a fun tune to jam to with this track. Its punchy lyrics like “Sticks and Stones can’t stop me from having a bad day” portray a kickass and positive attitude, if you need a mood booster.

The Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly

In honor of their most recent album “Sonic Highways”, here is one of The Foo Fighters’ old songs. This song is youthful and happy; I can’t help but to think back to nostalgic high school days when I listen to The Foo Fighters’ older songs.

Scholar – Skin

Still relatively unknown in the alternative EDM scene, Scholar is creating ethereal electronic music. I discovered this gem on soundcloud. There is something exquisite about this song; maybe it’s the deep bass or the catchy beat. Nonetheless if you like electronic artists like Flume, you will definitely like this sexy track.

Foxygen – Flowers

I understand that not only do most of us have to deal with the icky weather, but also with some exams. I wish I could give you all flowers, but here’s a metaphoric gift. From Foxygen’s latest album …And Star Power, “Flowers” is a chill and playful song. Hopefully the lazy vibes from this song can be a temporarily transport you to a less stressful environment, like a sunny garden.

The Police – Every Breath

I’m ending this playlist with a good ol’ throwback. The epitome of wedding songs, this song is little known by most oblivious couple to be a song about an ex stalking his wife. However, it has an addictive beat to it and is an easy sing-along song. Aside from the disturbing message, it is still catchy classic to listen to, in which I hope the melody, not the lyrics, would perk you up.

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