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It was immensely difficult for me to pick just 10 songs…and I truly do love all of the artists that I chose, even if I do rip on them in my description.  This list contains mostly new stuff because I constantly listen to new music.  There should be something in here for everyone, however.  A little rap and a little soft rock never did anyone any wrong.  I hope that everyone down there can get down to these tunes over their winter break…I know I will.  Thanks for listening!


1-The Dandy Warhols – We Used To Be Friends

1. We Used To Be Friends – The Dandy Warhols

A good high energy song to start off the mixtape.  I am 99% sure that when you listen to this song, your face will smile.  It’s just a natural thing that will happen…like the sun rising or Mondays being infinitely depressing.

2-Coconut Records – West Coast

2. West Coast – Coconut Records

Who knew that actor Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, Darjeeling Limited, Life Aquatic, etc.), who is most famous for his awkward hair cut, was the front-man of a band? This dreamy song is a little on the sad side, and will probably make you reflect on things you have forgotten.

3-Passion Pit – Little Secrets

3. Little Secrets – Passion Pit

This is a man’s voice?  No way!  Seeing this Boston-based band at Lollapalooza was a little underwhelming, but that’s only because this song is so dance-tastic.  It’s hard to recreate live, so you better just listen to it here.

4-Lupe Fiasco – Daydreamin’

4. Daydreamin’ – Lupe Fiasco

You may be saying to yourself…”Lupe Fiasco??? Like the guy who made that terrible album this year called Lasers”?  Well before he was bad, Lupe used to be a lyrical genius, seemingly effortlessly rhyming over artfully selected beats (such as “Daydreaming in Blue”).  This is the quintessential song portraying that.

01 What Ever Happened_

5. What Ever Happened? – The Strokes

Once you get past Julian Casablancas’ self-centered lyrics and giant ego, quite frankly, the Strokes kick ass.  This song, the lead track on Room On Fire, is everything a good Strokes song should be.  It reminds me of why I was so excited and then semi-disappointed with their new album Angles.

05 See You Soon (live)

6. See You Soon – Coldplay

This song, while not on any albums, is maybe the most beautiful Coldplay song ever written.  It is incredibly simple, featuring Chris Martin over an acoustic guitar.  Though I wish I could include the British band on this list more than once, this song is my favorite.

04 The Weight Of Lies

7. The Weight Of Lies – The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are one of the few bands that is accepted by hipsters and the rural population of my hometown Monticello, Illinois, alike.  Folky with a country twang, this song off of their first full length album comes complete with a brutal truthful life lesson.  As this song says, “Lies don’t need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere”.

8-Kids These Days – Summerscent

8. Summerscent – Kids These Days

Kids These Days do it all.  They’ve got all the parts of a stereotypical big band…plus a rapper.  This fusion is just begging to be the next big thing.  Did I mention they are all one year out of Chicago’s Whitney Young High School?  Better jump on the K.T.D. Bandwagon if you like jazz-rap…and who doesn’t like jazz-rap.

9-Generationals – Faces In The Dark

9. Faces In The Dark – Generationals

This song, off of possibly one of the most underrated albums of recent memory, is a jam for sure.  It sounds care-free and light.  Try not to tap your foot or clap your hands…it’s really hard…I tried.

10-Smith Westerns – Only One

10. Only One – Smith Westerns

In my opinion, Chicago’s own Smith Westerns have produced the best song off of the best album of 2011.  Many times I have been walking down the quad when the beginning guitar riff enters my ears and I start to stomp to the rhythm.  I probably look like an idiot…but I don’t care because this song is so good.  Play it for a girl (or guy) that you fancy…they’ll dig it.  Also, go see them at the Metro on February 3rd.  I’ll be there.

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