Monday’s Mixer

Well, it’s that time of year where it’s impossible to find a spot to study in the library and the coffee shop is open 24/7. Yes, that’s right, it’s finals time. That haunting word that everyone hates. A time full of mixed emotions, lots of espresso and no sleep. So, grab a latte and sit tight because we’ve got some tunes that’ll getcha going through the day…and night.

02 Don’t Move

1. Don’t Move- Phantogram

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a paper or studying, this song has a sick beat that you won’t be able to listen to just once. I’m serious.

09 Gorgeous_Grotesque

2. Gorgeous Grotesque- Company of Thieves

Basically this song kicks ass. If you’re stuck on that one math problem, last paragraph, or if you’re just plum hopeless, Genevieve Schatz has the passion that will get you through this troubled time. So relax, rage and let the ending of this song melt your face.

02 Dig A Little Deeper

3. Dig a Little Deeper- Peter Bjorn & John

This song is perfect for writers block. Obviously.

02 If You Wanna

4. If You Wanna- The Vaccines

Waking up from a power nap to this song will give you the much needed energy to get back in to the swing of things. It’ll definitely get your blood pumping.

02 Sweet Disposition

5. Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap

You know that moment when you are studying and you drift off into a day dream trance? Well, this is the song that’s probably playing in your head…wishing you were somewhere other than the same shitty spot in the library that you have been for the past five hours.

04 Letters From The Sky

6. Letters From the Sky- Civil Twilight

This song will build you up until the raging end so let your emotions flow.

03 Can’t Wait Any Longer

7.  Can’t Wait Any Longer- Dear Future

Students everywhere are eagerly anticipating Winter Break, and almost all feel that they “Can’t Wait Any Longer” for it to arrive. This song is beautiful, anthemic and very fitting.

04 We Will All Be Changed

8. We Will All be Changed- Seryn

This folking song is brilliantly beautiful, harmonic and will lift your spirits at any moment of the day.

03 Breakneck Speed

9. Breakneck Speed- Tokyo Police Club

That celebratory moment when you finally finish that stupid 10-pager over some book you hate…yeah, we’ve all been there so, why not throw your book and kick back.

08 Calgary

10. Bon Iver- Calgary

Just relax, it’s almost winter break and Bon Iver is here to help, allowing you to drift away to Calgary and clear your jumbled thoughts.


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