Mordechai in the Mirror, Common Loon at M ‘n M’s

Coffee and a muffin, cheese and wine, and tables and chairs fit all-too-perfectly together, similar to the way that ambient electronic pop fits with an MC. Huh? Local artists Mordechai in the Mirror and Jonah will be proving this pairing to be true on August 8 at our very own Mike n’ Molly’s for the shifty-eyed and skeptical.
Mordechai in the Mirror was a three-piece electronic band with Aaron Wittrig on cello, vocals, and loops, Rachel Wittrig on vocals and violin, and Pulsar 47’s Dave Samuel on guitars, vocals, loops, and keyboards. Their recent collaborations with local MC Jonah, however, have driven them to add Jonah to the band roster to create a multifaceted quartet. With the lyrical flexibility of a ballerina and the variation of instrumentals in the group, the final product adds a syncopated and appreciated accent to the hip-hop/spoken word scene here in the CU area – a sound rivaling other local MC fronted bands like Organic Flow and Treologic.
Filling the rest of the bill Friday night will be the local act Common Loon and Chicago-based Scale Model. Common Loon brings us reverb-filled harmonies and smooth melodies backed by a drum set, a guitar, and a hefty pedal board to impressively create a full sound with only two members in the band. With a full-length coming out this fall, the opportunity to see these local fav’s before they hit it big is one you won’t want to miss.
Champaign will also have the opportunity to play host to the Chi-town band Scale Model, a girl-fronted indie-rock band with catchy hooks, cute looks, and a tight sound. They’ll be right in the middle of a mini three-night tour upon entering Champaign (Indianapolis, Champaign, then Peoria), and they’ll be promoting their E.P., The World is Falling. They are more than deserving of a warm Champaign welcome, and the Mike n’ Molly’s beer garden is the very best place for a Windy-City band, with the Chicago style brick walls and vines that spark thoughts of Wrigley Field.
The gates swing open at 8, and the music goes until 12. Bring your friends and loved ones to Mike ‘n Molly’s for this eclectic evening of highly anticipated entertainment.

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