More from The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook

The following are excerpts from The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook, which was created to accompany the Live Earth: Concert for a Climate in Crisis event that will take shape July 7 all across the world. Here are ways both you and I can help save our friend, the Earth.

No. 11: Bank Online. Be futuristic! Enter the modern world of online bill paying. If every U.S. home received and paid its bills online, annual greenhouse gas emissions would drop by 2.1 million tons, and we’d save on stamps!

No. 18: Say No to Styrofoam. A thousand years after your last gulp of coffee… Your empty cup will still be around. The challenge isn’t limited to just coffee cups and packing peanuts; we love packaging in all shapes and materials.

No. 25: Green Your Cube. Shut down your office PCs overnight. Some computers are notorious energy hogs. Set your computer to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity and turn on its energy saving settings. It’ll save your company as much as $100 per year.

No. 28: Grow Tomatoes. Growing your own food is the way of the future. Growing tomatoes isn’t just about saving food miles – not to mention the money you spend on mealy produce – it’s also about reconnecting with the Earth.

No. 31: Eat Your Veggies. Don’t be a chicken. Stop being a pig. And don’t have a cow. Quiz: which adds more greenhouse gases to our atmosphere: motorized transportation or livestock? Surprise! It’s livestock at 18 percent of total emissions.

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