Most enjoyable summer albums

The spring semester’s over and the weather has (hopefully) taken a turn for the better for good. It’s finally the summer in CU, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with some great music.
Pinkerton by Weezer
Some of Weezer’s catchiest songs are featured on this disc. There are so many upbeat songs that anyone can enjoy, even during a first listen. I don’t know how “El Scorcho” wouldn’t be able to put a smile on anyone’s face. Let’s hope the Red Album will be a return to form for Rivers and company.
Stars of CCTV by Hard-Fi
This debut release from this English act is filled with memorable choruses and hooks that will have you singing along before you know it. Its upbeat nature is great for a night of hanging out with some friends. “Hard to Beat” in particular just has a summer feel to it.
The Guest by Phantom Planet
Yes, they wrote other songs besides “California,” and yes, they were pretty damn catchy, too. It’s such a fun listen from start to finish. I think “Always on My Mind” might be my favorite pop song written in the past ten years. It’s nice to see these guys making music again after a pretty long hiatus. Hopefully they’ll tour in the near future without Panic at the Disco.
Anthology by Chuck Berry
This collection of great songs from rock and roll’s originator is one of my favorite albums. Listening to this on a nice summer night instantly sets the tone for a great time. There’s no way I could justify leaving one of rock’s greatest guitarists off of a list of great summer albums.

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