Movie Meditation playlist

It’s time to take a break. Whatever you’re doing, whether it be work, homework, laundry, or stressing over something coming up this week, take a break. One of the most effective ways to let your mind rest from these stressors is through meditation. Meditating clears your mind and allows you to gain a better, deeper understanding of yourself, while also reducing stress and anxiety. I really like to meditate with music playing, and since the Oscars are coming up, I thought it would be fitting to create a meditation music full of movie (and a couple TV) soundtracks. If you’ve never meditated before, are hesitant to or just don’t know how to, Google some meditation tips to get you started and comfortable with meditating. It takes practice, but once you start meditating, you’ll find yourself having a clearer headspace that will help you remain focused and productive throughout the day. You can also put this playlist on while doing yoga to help you stay focused, motivated and inspired.

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Carolina, or Cari, is from the Northwest side of Chicago who enjoys all things British, especially music. Her favorite Beatle is John, but she also has a soft spot for Paul. If she's not at Espresso Royale making playlists, she's probably scoping out campus for the best gluten-free food.

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