Music to Skate To (Not from Tony Hawk)

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot more skateboarders around campus. Every time I leave my apartment, I see at least one person trying to ollie onto a curb or trying to tre flip on the street. This inspired me to pick up skateboarding again after I failed to make any progress as a 12 year old Tony Hawk fan, and my music has recently shifted to fit my new hobby. Here are some tracks that have been in my heavy rotation lately that will hopefully get you hyped to pick up a board and join the great CU skating community! (All these songs are specifically NOT from the Tony Hawk or Skate soundtracks.)

About Leo Kasper

Leo is a sophomore from Chicago who has had a passion for music his whole life. From jazz rap to pop punk, Leo dabbles in essentially all genres. When not listening to music or playing guitar, Leo can be found on a couch somewhere on his phone.

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