Must-See at the IMC!

The Living Blue — Get your trippy on. The Living Blue plays the headlining spot Saturday night and should provide a fitting transition into the after-party that will follow. Their heavy psychedelic sound is perfect way to start a late night.
Agent Mos — Get your hip on. Agent Mos loves to work the crowd, so if you are a little tired at 1 a.m. on Sunday after a weekend at IMC Fest, you can plan on getting pumped up. If not, go home and finish your homework.
Krukid — Get your hop on. Krukid will follow Agent Mos and conclude the IMC Fest on Sunday night. The Uganda-born rapper, now located in Champaign, is killer and is worth sticking around for.
Shirley King — Get your blues on. King is often called “The daughter of the Blues” in reference to her father, the legendary B.B. King. That’s not to say that her music doesn’t stand on its own — she admits that her father helped her get through the door, but her talent and charisma has kept her there. King performs Sunday night at 7.
Kilborn Alley — Get your local “big city” blues on. Sunday at the IMC Fest was originally going to feature only three or four bands until these guys managed to recruit some big names. Kilborn Alley will kick off an evening of blues at 5 p.m.
The Beauty Shop – Get your alt-country on. This three-piece plays soothing country melodies with emotional-driven lyrics – like any good country band should. Grab a drink and enjoy these fellas who are headlining Friday night.
Murali Coryell – Get your blues on some more! Coryell, often called “The Future of the Blues,” has a non-traditional sound, but you can see hisi nspiration in the expressive lyrics. Coryell is the headliner for Sundays blues acts.
Kristov’s Agenda – Get your electro on. Kristov’s Agenda play Saturday night at 7pm. These guys specialize in spacey, electronic music that is hypnotic.
Sunday 9PM Open Jam! – Get your jam on! How is possible to preview an open jam you might ask? Well, it’s not. And that’s exactly why you should go.
Kate and James Hathaway – Get your alt-duo on. Kate was recently voted “Best Female Artist” at the CU Music Awards and James can play some mean guitar. Together, they create beautiful vocal harmonies. They play at 9pm Friday night.

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