Nargile’s highlights of 2004

Spring 2003
Garenne Bigby, a student in speech communication at U of I, drops out of school. He works as a manager at Barfly, and makes plans.

December 1, 2003
Ruby’s, a bar in downtown Champaign, closes its doors for good. With the help of volunteers, Bigby moves in.

December 5, 2003
Nargile Lounge opens. The first night features music by Orphans (formerly Absinthe Blind).

December 18, 2003
End of the semester. Plans to close for remodeling fall through when it becomes apparent that the revenue is needed.

April 2004
Seth Fein retires his role of booking manager. Nargile turns its focus toward local musicians, and toward more “social” urban music.

Summer 2004
With the students largely gone, Nargile survives on town business alone. More remodeling.

December 4, 2004
Nargile proudly celebrates its first anniversary with music by the Gold Fronts, featuring DJ Bozak.

Fall 2005
A kitchen will open at Nargile.

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