New Albums from September

With another month of great music lined up, it always seems a good time to comb through the releases you may have missed. The playlist includes a few tracks that came out on new album releases from September, excluding singles or other release methods in the compilation. The mix of type of work and release from this month show a diversity in how the work of an album is being taken and used in recent time. Bill Callahan’s Gold Record found itself released slowly, each song a single, before finally being compiled as the album at the beginning of the month. Collaborations through the internet are what allowed an EP like pop songs 2020 to be formed, a project between Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner and Crying’s Ryan Calloway. A surprise drop and return came with Fleet Foxes’ Shore, lining up with the autumnal equinox, and a giant reissue of Prince’s Sign o’ the Times is of special note here, an around eight hour compilation of the album and new unreleased songs by Prince. Altogether, the releases of September show off a varying degree of how the album release is handled, as well as containing great new music to find yourself enjoying more of if the singles on this playlist grab your attention.

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