New Jack White Video is Mildly Disturbing, Yet Still Awesome

When I turned on my computer to see the Pitchfork News headline “Watch Jack White’s Bizarre, Terrifying ‘Sixteen Saltines’ video”, I thought “It can’t be that bad.” It was. Jack White’s new video from his most recent single “Sixteen Saltines” from his upcoming album Blunderbuss is certainly very bizarre and mildly terrifying. The video features a bunch of shots from scenes so random (and in some cases mildly disturbing), including a kid taking Jack White hostage, which left me completely perplexed at the end of viewing. Despite all this though, there is something about the video that is strangely awesome and will make you want to watch again. I hope this can help make the wait for Jack White’s upcoming album somewhat more bearable.

Check out the video on Pitchfork.

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