November Jams playlist

If you take a look at the songs on this playlist, you’re probably having a lot of trouble figuring out the theme. What makes all of these songs similar? The short answer is nothing. The long answer is that they are all songs I have been listening to a bunch recently—songs that I think are worth combining into one short, sweet, hour-long playlist!

Lately I have been really into laid back lo-fi music—especially songs that are heavy on guitar and instrumentals— so this is heavily represented on this playlist. Check out Cody Ash and Plums if you’re into this sound, too! I also included some songs that I have recently rediscovered from bigger-name bands like Local Natives and Portugal. The Man. Sometimes rediscovering music a second time is just as satisfying as falling in love with it for the first time. Anyway, this is the random collection of sounds I’ve been loving lately. I hope these keep you jammin’ all November long!



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