Now U-C Us

UC Hip-Hop is on a mission. Since its conception, the Urbana-Champaign Hip-Hop Congress has maintained being dedicated to continuing the spread of true hip-hop culture. The student-run organization first emerged in the fall of 2001 as a union of the Illini Breakdancing Club, the Culture Club and the Organization for the Advancement of Hip-Hop. Though conceived merely as a club for enthusiasts, the group has recently taken it upon themselves to help foster the growth of a budding local music scene that has steadily emerged over the past several years. This involvement often consists of organizing showcases, freestyle ciphers and other events where avid hip-hop fans can congregate. Now, however, they are taking matters into their own hands.
With the release of Now U-C Us, local hip-hop steps into the arena to put its own talent on display. The album represents the final product of months of collaborative efforts amongst group members. Written, recorded, performed and produced entirely by University of Illinois students — including appearances by Agent Mos, Concept of Organic Flow and Rob K — the collection is impressive. Diversity within the group is reflected in the album as various influences and musical backgrounds combine to create a unique product. No two tracks sound alike as constant variation in collaborations keep the sound fresh throughout.
Greg Frazier, the co-president of the Urbana-Champaign Hip-Hop Congress, is more than confident in the final product.
“If you’re looking for the finest hip-hop that the University of Illinois student body has to offer, that search begins and ends with this album,” he said.
The disc will be released next week and will be available at Exile on Main Street., 1 Main St. in Champaign, and C.V. Lloyde Music Center, 102 S. Neil St. in Champaign, as well as at the group’s Web site, In addition, the group looks forward to performances Feb. 21 at the Canopy Club and in early April during Hip-Hop Awareness Week. With a busy schedule ahead, UC Hip-Hop remains true to its goals.

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