Oct. 21: What will you see

Ah, Sunday! The day of rest. The Lord’s day, if you will. This week, take a break from, well, taking a break, and get out there and see some music! Here’s four acts that are in town for just the night, so catch one while you still can:
Fall Out Boy
Assembly Hall at 7 p.m.
The band we’ve all never heard of is back to rock the “House of ‘Paign” this Saturday. If you don’t go to hear Patrick Stump’s insane vocal range, at least go to check out the always evolving, new breed of tweens that changed from prepsters to emo kids over night. Or bring a pen, and tally up the number of times Pete Wentz says “fuck,” and see the looks of disgust on the faces of the parents who drove their tweens to the concert. Come slap around a random idiot, and get bragging rights about bruises you’ll get in what promises to be a helluva mosh pit. If you’re not already going, what are you waiting for? With a growing fan base and a bigger budget, you’ve got to go see what bigger, badass gags the band will pull to top their Nintendo Fusion tour.
Canopy Club at 7 p.m.
There is no doubt in my mind which concert to see Sunday, despite all of the different shows to choose from. Hip-hop fans need to look no further, although fans of any genre can appreciate the musicianship of Atmosphere. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minn., Atmosphere doesn’t just throw down typical hip-hop from the West Coast. This Midwestern group uses intelligent, coherent, often introspective lyrics to really deliver a message to their fans. Toss into the mix their groovy beats and unique sound, and it becomes apparent that Atmosphere provides a unique listening experience. In many songs, front man Slug acts as a storyteller, recounting tales that relate his own life struggles to the audience. This device usually works best when the point of his story pokes fun at aspects of American society and culture, as in the song “National Disgrace,” which features that oh-so-catchy whistling riff.
Bright Eyes
Foellinger Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.
It’s that time of year again. Time for the leaves to start changing colors, the temperature to start getting colder and Halloween costume stores to make an exuberant amount of money. It is also the perfect time of year to sit in your room alone, listening to pseudo-folk rock and sulking over your long-lost love. Luckily for you, you won’t be sulking alone for much longer. Conor Oberst and his band, Bright Eyes, will be here to conduct your sorrow for you. If sorrow is not your thing, the show should still be a good opportunity to hear some good music and to see a solid show. It is also safe to say that Bright Eyes will be the Oct. 21 show with the smallest number of 12-year-old, screaming girls there. I’m looking at you, Fall Out Boy.

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