Annabelle Hladik

Radio raised Annabelle–or, as most have dubbed her, “Belle”–from a young age. Hearing hits, hidden gems, and hardcore rock n roll over the air inspired her to create her own hodgepodge-y playlists and showcase them on road trips or at parties. Through her involvement in and love of musicals, Belle also discovered a knack for public speaking, and before she knew it, everyone around her had suggested radio broadcast as a potential avenue for her passions. With a little help from her friends at WPGU, she found a home for her skills as well as one big, happy DJ family. When away from the mic, Belle reverts into her amiable, starry-eyed self and spends as much time as possible with the greatest friend she could ever ask for–Electric Light Orchestra music. That stuff TRANSCENDS. Her hobbies include hugging fluffy animals, sending everyone in her phone only the finest memes on the market, and loudly whistling wherever she goes–catch her rendition of the Twitter bird notification tone sometime!