One Direction – Made in the a.m. (News/Review)

Editor’s Note: This review was published with the intention of acknowledging the massive impact One Direction has on the current music industry. It does not in any way aim to reflect a change in WPGU’s alternative aesthetic.


Made in the A.M. is an album like no other. One Direction takes all of the noise made from the departure of band member Zayn Malik and channels it into something truly extraordinary. The melodies, lyrics, and tones are better than any of their previous work. Critics who doubted whether the other band members could have the same vocal presence as Zayn Malik have clearly been proven wrong by the strong vocals of the other four band members.

Personally, I loved each of the songs on the album. The song sticks out most of all for me is the very first song on the album, “Hey Angel”. Its strong tone mixed with metaphoric lyrics and amazing vocals makes it an absolute highlight among the album’s stellar track listing. In classic One Direction fashion, there are many soft, intimate love songs that feel more personal than anything they have produced before. If One Direction will be remembered for anything, it will be their ability to sing songs that feel sweet and intimate; this sort of combination is extremely hard to pull off.

One Direction may be taking a one-year hiatus, but they left us with quite a treat of an album. Made in the A.M. is truly their best album yet and it says something that after five albums of music I can say that. Most bands (specifically boy bands) have difficulty being more than a mere novelty in the span of time. Whether One Direction is back in one year or not, their possible swan song will ring through the ages.

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