Organic indie rock duo wraps up tour

Casados: welcome to indie rock’s organic side. The husband and wife duo of Nic and Heather Dillon bring a side to indie that’s easy on the ears. Just releasing their first album, Passages, the two are wrapping up their tour with featured guest, Jacob Tyler Wolfgang.
With their deep roots set against the current of commercialized music, Casados keep music all natural, even while recently touring in New York. Even with their digitally-enhanced competition, the Casados show substance beats out synthetics.
“In general, I’ve been influenced bymusic by people who are specifically more into it for art, and less into it for commercial purposes.” Said Nic Dillon, who is Casados lead vocals and guitar.
Heather and Nic Dillon know how to cater to their audience, switching up their tempo according to venue, whether it be a tavern or café.
“It depends on the situation and environment,” says Heather, who plays the harmonium, mandolin, and also does vocals, “If we’re in a big place or a bar, it’s really nice to have drums with us, but if we’re in a café, sometimes it’s better to not have drums and to have something more intimate with music.”
The Dillons are consistant in their own sound, but when they’re back home in Illinois, they like to expand their musical range.
“When we’re at home we have up to seven or so people,” said Heather, “The viola, a tuba and others…It’s really fun to add different instruments in, and to have other people play with us.”
Currently Casados are touring with Brady Bush on drums, and Jacob Tyler Wolfgang on bass. Wolfgang also opens for Casados with his own songs and solo acoustic performance. He is no stranger to the musical world, as he has played for several years, but this tour is his first solo performance.
“The interesting thing about this tour is, not only do I get to open for Casados as a solo artist, but I also get to play bass for them,” said Wolfgang, “It’s been a really fun process learning the songs.”

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