Pershing CD Review

It’s hard to keep your toes from tapping during Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin’s sophomore release. It’s filled with memorable hooks from the very start and never seems to let up. The mix of simple pop melodies with intricate musical progressions makes it such an addictive listen. There’s so much going on that you catch with each new listen, which sets this release apart from many pop records out there today. Pershing has something for everyone.

Looking for a great pop song that will get stuck in your head all day? Look no further than “Glue Girls,” and you’ll be humming it constantly before you know it. “Boring Fountain” and “Think I Wanna Die” certainly fit this description as well. How about an airy song that brings you back to those relaxing summer bonfires with each listen? “Dead Right” is the track for you.

Don’t expect to find anything revolutionary with this record, though. If you come in expecting an enjoyable listen that will brighten up your day, you certainly won’t be disappointed. This review could have probably been summed up with three simple words: Pershing is fun.

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