Pete Yorn – Just around the corner from you

Listen up CU rockers, Pete Yorn is makin’ a pit stop in Urbana tonight in our special indie haven, the Canopy Club, with local guests The Beauty Shop.

After a three year waiting period, Yorn released his third studio album Nightcrawler this past August, completing the day-to-night trilogy of albums, begun by Musicforthemorningafter and followed by Day I Forgot. Yorn has described the most current album as a documentation of his later life and not something that should be looked at as dark or mysterious. His personality really shines through in his lyrical storytelling, but it seems that only die-hards will truly get the story – although who cares when it sounds good, right?

As stated on his MySpace site, “The record feels different and it sounds different, but it also feels like a continuation of what I’ve been doing,” Yorn said. “I feel like it’s taking more chances creatively as a whole and at the same time it’s just music that I want to make.”

Although some critics, such as Christian Hoard from Rolling Stone, gave Yorn’s Nightcrawler a poor review, many fans have responded with even more loving praise for Yorn’s latest effort than for his golden-child Musicforthemorningafter. Compared to his earlier efforts, Nightcrawler offers a more complex and grown-up version of Pete Yorn. Yorn’s musical genius really shines through in his songs “Vampyre,” “For Us” and “The Man.”

Currently, Pete Yorn is on tour with the Dixie Chicks, but has scheduled a stop here in Urbana between their shows in Omaha and Nashville for his lucky fans.

Opening for Pete Yorn is Champaign’s very own The Beauty Shop. The band, which formed in 1999, arose out of Champaign on Parasol Records. The band traveled to the UK and signed with UK-based record labels while on tour there, until their return to Champaign-Urbana. The band now tours in both the UK and CU.

The Beauty Shop has an authentic American rock sound with a twist of country in the vocals. Most of their songs range from alternative country to indie folk-rock.

Tonight’s show featuring Pete Yorn and The Beauty Shop is at the Canopy. Tickets are $17. and the doors open at 8 p.m.

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