PINK Concert Takes Campus

Thursday evening thousands of students braved the 34-degree weather, lining up down First Street for the Victoria Secret PINK party. For a free concert with Kid Cudi and Girl Talk, I was surprised the turnout wasn’t greater—it’s the Midwest we’re used to cold weather. Not to mention both of these performers have come to campus before, but this time you got to see both for FREE! Kid Cudi definitely had a greater pull for fans, but unfortunately half this crowd peaced out once Cudi left the stage. Cudi performed some of his crowd-pleasing hits, but he also threw in Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” redeeming his less than impressive performance from last year at Assembly Hall.
Girl Talk was a fun, high-energy show, but unfortunately there just wasn’t the crowd presence for it. PINK also had some booths set up for people to win their merch like mugs and stuffed dogs, but the long lines were a little deterring. All in all it was a neat event that our campus was able to experience, thanks to our dedicated and intelligent voters, who were able to beat the system. The D.I. reported that some of the engineering students created a code that allowed people to vote multiple times simultaneously.
When the PINK party was first announced most people thought it would be Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj performing, or at least some female artist given the VS sponsorship. Rumor has it Minaj was booked but that fell through due to a dispute over money, hence the last minute date change, but in the end I think PINK pulled through.

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