Pitchfork Music Festival : Day Three

Real Estate on the Green Stage

Ty Segall [ Red Stage – 3:20 ] —
To be completely honest, when Ty Segall and his touring band took the stage, I had no idea what to expect. The crowd started jumping and screaming the second that he greeted us with a, “Hello Pitchfork!” And then … Segall absolutely blew me away. His music was gritty, hard and fast rock and roll. It truly sounded like something straight out of “Rolling Stone Magazine” in the 80s. And of course, there was the crowd. They were absolutely in love. This was possibly the rowdiest crowds I had the pleasure of being in; with each word and amazing guitar riff, the moshing got more and more intense. Toward the end of his set, Segall made sure to give recognition to his temporary bandmates, and so I will too: Emily (drums), Charles (guitar) and Michael (bass).

Real Estate [ Green Stage – 4:15 ] —
This performance really was so beautiful that I really thought I was going to cry. Multiple times. The band took the stage and singer Martin Courtney humbly introduced the group. Opening with their 2011 hit single “Green Aisles,” it felt like the entire crowd was transported to a whole different world. We were no longer in a sweaty heatwave; we were in a breezy and carefree dream-like state. Real Estate featured a lot of music off of their sophomore album, Days. The whole crowd was nonchalantly swaying to the rhythm of tracks like “Out of Tune” and “It’s Real.” As the show came to a dreamy close, it felt as though no one was ready to slip out of the happy stupor that Real Estate has put us in. This absolutely breathtaking set really transported us all to a different time and place.

Beach House [ Red Stage – 7:25 ] —
Remember how I said that I thought Real Estate would make me cry? Well, if that’s the case, then I really thought Beach House was going to make me curl up into a ball and dry heave from joy. The dream-pop songsters featured songs off their latest album, Bloom, which dropped in May. “Wild” and “Irene,” both off of this album, were especially moving. There’s no denying, however, that the crowd was most thrilled by the songs off their hit 2010 album,Teen Dream. (No, guys, I’m not talking about Katy Perry ….. -_____-). When “Norway” started, the whole audience chimed in for the “ah’s,” and everyone busted out their dreamiest dance moves. But, truthfully, I think my favorite part of the show was a tiny detail: “Irene” is both the last song on Bloom and the last song Beach House chose to play on Sunday. I have no idea whether or not that was planned, but I think it was a brilliant choice.


Vampire Weekend on the Green Stage
(photo by Taskin Sehitoglu)


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