Playlist: uhhh i only listen to underground artists

We’ve all definitely heard someone utter these words or been that person ourselves. However, it is not always certain what someone means by this. Do they consider Tame Impala underground? Or are they into obscure artists and genres from way back when? Most likely, they are talking about up-and-coming musicians that they think are so underrated and that everyone needs to listen to but that they also need to gatekeep. If you do know about the band that this person is talking about, they will not shy away from asking the infamous question: “Can you even name three songs?”  At least, that’s how the legend goes.

This playlist is the perfect opportunity for you to be that pretentious person. Mostly alternative and punk, the featured artists are from the Chicago and Champaign-Urbana areas and cities beyond.

📍 CHAMBANA, IL: Meadowhawk & Ocean Child

📍 CHICAGO, IL: Ocean Child, Girl K, & The Big Cheese

📍 SAN DIEGO, CA: Spooky Cigarette & Rain on Fridays

📍 LAS VEGAS, NV: Desert Island Boys & Cole Carley

📍 AUSTIN, TX: Aisha Burns & Lainey Gonzales

📍 PHILADELPHIA, PA: Froggy & Pinewood Derby


Listen Here:

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