Presidents of the United States of America: Love Everybody

3 Stars

Apparently, when it comes to being lame, the Presidents of the United States of America know quite a bit. In fact, they know so much that they can tell exactly where the Lame Line is and how to get as close to it as they possibly can without actually crossing over. The Presidents’ new album, Love Everybody, comes very close to the Line, somehow pulling up short to provide an enjoyable collection of songs.

The Presidents make an art of toeing the Line, at times prompting you to ask yourself what you’re listening to. Love Everybody features tracks with such inane titles (and content) as “Munky River,” “Clean Machine” and “Poke and Destroy.” You soon realize the brilliance in it all. The album is a collection of short two-and-a-half- to three-minute songs that beg the listener to lighten up and not worry about it.

Each track is a high-energy, lighthearted composition that uses its title as a hook. All you’re going to remember from these songs is their two-word title repeated over and over again. What keeps the songs from monotony is the short length and frequent change of pace. The majority of the songs change melody throughout the three minutes.

Basically the album is a bunch of goofy songs that aren’t really about anything important. Lyrics can be funny, but not entirely comical. It’s mostly stuff like “I would love to float/On/Munky River,” and “All I’ve got to show are shreds of boa.” I know what you’re thinking. It sounds lame. But somehow it’s not.

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