Preview: Canoe Canoe

With some of the coolest graphics and designs we’ve seen around here in years comes Canoe Canoe, a Chicago band with great tunes that you don’t want to miss.  Whether you’re already familiar with their psych-pop or just into good music, their upcoming show promises to be a lot of fun.

Canoe Canoe are playing at the Cowboy Monkey on March 9th at 9PM after an in-studio interview at WPGU 107.1.  They are playing with Sonny Stubble and Love Toy, two local bands you also won’t want to miss.  Make sure to make it out to their show and hear them on the radio (or through our dandy listen live feature).

Not familiar with Canoe Canoe?  They have an infectious pop sound layered with psychic distortion.  Think a poppier Santah, or a sexier Wilco.  You can check out their bandcamp site here.  The tracks they have online will get you excited for what will be a fun Saturday night, as they will certainly get the venue up and dancing.

Canoe Canoe released their Black Sheep EP last July, which features two great, anthemic tracks.  With a chorus of vocals and jamming guitars and keyboards, the many twists and turns in their music would keep you on the edge of your seat, if you weren’t already standing to dance.  This stuff will get you excited, and the alternating energy of the tracks will make it easy to jam out with these guys.  This classic four piece setup is able to use feedback fluidly to give their tracks layers that won’t leave you disappointed.  If you need any more convincing, just listen to their tracks now and imagine how much more exciting they would be live.


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