Preview : Glowfest Illinois


Glowfest is a sick college music festival, featuring the best and the latest in sick beats, electronica, art and technology. These guys are on their fall 2012 tour, they are coming to U of I tonight. Get ready for an awesome night of electronic dance music ‘cause tonight, Glowfest Illinois is ready to pump Assembly Hall up with an electrifying experience. With DJs like Bingo Players, Savoy, and Hardwell (who was just voted the #6 DJ in the WORLD on the DJ Mag Top 100), you’re looking at a night of non-stop dancing, catchy rifts and fast-paced beats. Doors open at 6pm, and tickets are starting at $25 for GA seats. Tonight, Assembly Hall is going to be packed with high energy, intense light shows, and some of the best electronic dance music in the country. Get your ass over here! You won’t regret it!


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