Purity Ring at Canopy Club (Preview)

Canadian electro-pop duo Purity Ring is bringing their angelic aesthetic to Urbana tonight along with HEALTH. Their beginnings in a former band called Gobble Gobble led the two, Megan James and Corin Roddick, to create their own tracks which ultimately lead them to “Ungirthed”, their first successful single. Following their most recent album, another eternity, Purity Ring has grown into their own underworld of bubbly dubs and popping percussions and continue easing into the modern radio world since their last album, Shrines. Track after track, the duo sets off an everlasting synthetic trance that upheavals to create its own kind of colorful softness. Nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in 2013, Purity Ring is sure to swoon up and over Canopy Club with their futuristic electrical ambiance. Doors open at 9:00pm.


You can buy tickets here.


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