Pygmalion Music Festival: Saturday

We bring you some reviews of mostly local acts from Saturday of Pygmalion Music Festival.

Elsinore at a WPGU 107.1 In Studio 

Elsinore 3:15-3:45

Thriving Community

Seeing Elsinore perform at Exile on Main St was a highlight of the festival, mostly because of the intangible feeling of community present there.  The place was packed with people there to see Elsinore and support local music and one of the best places locally to get music.  Elsinore was as skilled at filling that room with a great sound as they were the previous day on the big downtown Urbana stage.  Only a few feet away from the band, the crowd showed so much interaction and excitement to be there that reminded us that some of the best shows of Pygmalion were done by local artists.

Common Loon 4:15-4:45

Walls of Sound

This local band really blasted the audience with almost non-stop walls of sound.  Without nearly a moment of rest, this duo kept up the energy with song after song of adrenaline-fueled alternative rock.  Definitely worth seeing if you ever get the chance, these guys will leave you with a loud and satisfying fuel up of alt-rock.  Performing at one of the High Dive outdoor stages, they had a good crowd that grew when they started playing.

Elsinore and Common Loon reviewed by David Christians

Grandkids 3:05-3:35

Rising Stars

A local band I am constantly impressed by, Grandkids proved that they have matured well beyond their years at this year’s pygmalion set. The band added Rachel Wittrig on violin for a few songs, which really gave the already very layered group more depth. With their first full-length dropping soon, I can’t get over how much the band has evolved since their first self-titled EP released just over two years ago. A highlight for the whole afternoon was hearing a soon to be released track under the working title “Engines”, so eloquently composed and performed that I couldn’t shake it the entire day. The band’s charisma is palpable, you can’t help but like these guys. It also helps that everyone from Adam Gorcowski on cello to Vivian McConnell on acoustic guitar and vocals are some shining ass stars. Grandkids is going places, do yourself a favor and keep up with them here.

Big Freedia and The Divas 1:00-2:00

Ass clappin’, booty shakin’

I was blessed with the energy to make it to the one AM party that IS Big Freedia. I don’t think you can get better bounce rap then this lady, ever. Performing to a packed (and pretty drunken) Highdive this was a party even before Big Freedia and her ladies strutted on stage. With just her and her two scantily clad (AKA, bra and panty wearing) ladies, they had everyone going insane! Once “Azz Everywhere!” started and the trio pulled members of the crowd on stage to shake it like there’s no tomorrow-we were done for. This whole experience was heightened by the fact that J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. was in the crowd. Seriously. If Mascis is in, I’m in: even if it is for pure azz shaking fun.

There are lots of azzes in this video, kids keep away from this.


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