Pygmalion Takeover: Day 3

Here’s our recommendations on what to check out for day 3 of Pygmalion.

Canopy Club (Early)

Colour Revolt: 8:30 PM

Mississippi’s own Colour Revolt bring their rugged indie rock to close out the Canopy Club’s early session, and there’s a lot to expect from this group. Their recent release of their new record, The Cradle, displays what the band does best, which they’ll surely be showing off on Friday night following performances from Pomegranates and Gold Motel. There’s a lot of great music in the first early portion of Canopy’s shows this night, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get to these and then move over to another section of the festival if DJ sets aren’t your thing.

VIDEO: Colour Revolt, “Mattresses Underwater” [Live]

Canopy Club (Late)

Cut Chemist: 12:30 AM

If you plan on sticking it out around Canopy for the late portion of the evening, this is a definite must-see. Turntable extraordinaire and Jurrasic 5 member Cut Chemist will be on display, mixing some of the best tunes, mixing and matching all types of genres of music into hip hop beats. In what should be a great night of DJs at the Canopy, this is the one you should definitely stick around for.

VIDEO: Cut Chemist [Live]

Krannert Art Museum

Owen: 9:45 PM

Mike Kinsella has been around for quite some time now. His solo project Owen gives us a taste of what kind of a singer-songwriter he is, but his experience in his old band American Football and his work with Cap’n Jazz and other musical projects gives him quite the reputation. His newest record New Leaves, out on Champaign’s own Polyvinyl Records, came out last year but is still one of those record to hold onto, or check out if you haven’t heard it yet.

VIDEO: Owen, “Good Friends, Bad Habits” [Live]

The Art Theater

Candy Claws: 10:30 PM

Ambient indie pop isn’t something tough to find these days, but this “internet buzz” band Candy Claws brings a different feel to this type of genre. Their mix of distortion and high souring vocals acts as a very powerful backdrop for their live show. This is another one of those Pitchfork “Rising” bands, and take from that what you will, but there’s not much to argue with as far as dubbing them as an up-and-comer. Their newest release Hidden Lands would be a great place to start if you’re unfamiliar with their material.

VIDEO: Candy Claws, “Catamaran” [Live]

Elsinore: 12:30 AM

Ah more local music. There’s more to Elsinore than just tagging them with that beloved “local music” name tag, they’re a nationally touring act with a fantastic new record Yes Yes Yes in stores now. Although they’ve been around the area for quite some time, we’ll be getting a new look from Ryan Groff & Co. Bringing their horn and string section along with them, this will be something to see along with the new material. The Art Theatre will work to their advantage as the venue for the group, and hopefully they can fit all the people into the space along with the large band.

VIDEO: Elsinore, “Yes Yes Yes” [Live]

FRIDAY – 9/24
Canopy Club (Early)
6:00 PM — Why I Like Robins
6:35 PM — So Long Forgotten
7:10 PM— Pomegranates
7:55 PM — Gold Motel
8:30 PM — Colour Revolt

Canopy Club (Late)
10:00 PM — Space Police
10:30 PM — White Rabbit
11:00 PM — Famicom
11:30 PM — Positive Vibr8ions
12:15 AM— Milk & Cookies
1:00 AM — CZO

9:30 PM — Holy Fuck
10:30 PM — Kosmo
11:00 PM — Mertz
11:45 PM — Delayney
12:30 AM — Cut Chemist

Krannert Art Museum
6:00 PM — The Palace Flophouse
6:45 PM — Darren Hanlon
7:30 PM — Art Majors
8:15 PM — David Dondero
9:00 PM — Unwed Sailor
9:45 PM — Owen

The Art Theater
9:30 PM — Grandkids
10:30 PM — Candy Claws
11:30 PM — +/–{Plus/Minus}
12:30 AM — Elsinore

Mike N Molly’s
9:15 PM — Hot Cops
10:15 PM — Light Pollution
11:15 PM — Tractor Kings

Cowboy Monkey
9:45 PM — Millimeter Mountain
10:45 PM — The Kopecky Family Band
11:45 PM — The Delta Kings

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