Pygmalion Takeover: Day 4

By Saturday I hope everyone will have had a pretty full week of music, but there’s still one more full day of great artists for everyone to check out. Here are some of highlights to consider while planning your Saturday schedule.

Krannert Center

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: 7:30 PM

As usual, Krannert is definitely the place to be for Saturday of Pygmalion. In the auditorium will be Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at 7:30 PM, and I’ve heard tell that Ted Leo once bashed his head on his microphone halfway through a performance, but played out the rest of his set with blood pouring out of the gash on his forehead. No need to be frightened, just get over to this show so you can see Ted Leo in action and see them play tracks from all over their expansive catalog.

VIDEO: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, “The Angel’s Share” [Live]

Roky Erickson & Okkervil River: 8:45 PM

Roky Erickson, one of the pioneers of psychedelic rock, will take the stage with indie folkers Okkervil River. As leading member of the legendary 13th Floor Elevators, they set the stage and influenced countless amounts of bands that play today. If not for his contributions to the genre, some of today’s favorite bands have never come together. This was the first huge initial act announced way earlier this year, and there’s no reason this grouping couldn’t have been the headlining act of the entire festival. You can imagine they’ll be playing most of the new record the pairing put out earlier this year, True Love Cast Out All Evil. It’s not every day you can see a legend in a live setting, so we recommend getting over to this show.

VIDEO: Roky Erickson & Okkervil River, “John Lawman” [Live]

Cap’n Jazz: 10:30 PM

Following the performance in the auditorium, Cap’n Jazz will be performing in the Krannert Center Lobby at 10:30 PM. This show will be free to the public, so all you wristband holders should make sure to stake out a spot if you feel like seeing Cap’n Jazz. The group was one of most influential emo bands of the ’90s whose members went on to spawn such groups as Owen, American Football, and Joan of Arc. All you out in Champaign-Urbana work should pack house for this free show.

VIDEO: Cap’n Jazz, “Oh Messy Life” [Live]

Canopy Club:

The Dirty Feathers: 11:40 PM

Local acts are always on display at Pygmalion every year. Sometimes, they’re just on the bill just because they can be, while others deserve the recognition. The Dirty Feathers fall into the latter category. Their rip-roaring approach to the stage makes them one of the best up-and-coming rock bands in CU, or in general for that matter. This is a must-see local act at the festival as far as we’re concerned. So if that statement appeals to you, make your way to the Canopy Club by 10:45 PM. Better yet, buy them a drink if you’re old enough.

VIDEO: The Dirty Feathers, “Pistol Hills” [Live]

Caribou: 12:30 AM

After a few schedule changes a couple of weeks ago, Caribou switched places with Cap’n Jazz to be the Canopy late show at 12:30 AM. This one man band, aka Daniel Snaith, has released all of his material to critical acclaim, mixing ambient electronic and psychadelic pop mixed with indie rock undertones. He released his newest record, Swim, this year following up his Polaris Prize winning 2008 record Andorra. Be sure to stick around after The Dirty Feathers to catch this set.

VIDEO: Caribou, “Odessa” [Live]

Mike & Molly’s:

Zach May & The Maps: 8:00 PM

Saturday night at Mike & Molly’s will be a great place for people who don’t just want to watch indie rock bands all Pygmalion long. Starting at 8 PM will be Zach May & The Maps. These local favorites will bring their orchestrally rich and rhythmically complex sound along with their world music inspirations for what can be assured to be a great performance.

VIDEO: Zach May & The Maps [Live]

The Viper & His Orchestra: 9:00 PM

Following Zach May & The Maps will be The Viper & His Orchestra at 9 p.m. This will provide a self described “neo-skiffle uke-and-suitcase middle-Midwestern sound” for the festival. So if you are sick of the typical sound of Pygmalion by Saturday, go ahead and head over to Mike & Molly’s for something a little different.

VIDEO: The Viper & His Orchestra, “Das Kapital” [Live]

So perhaps there is too much to see and do on Saturday, and maybe you will have a tough time deciding how to schedule your day. But I think all that means is that this year’s lineup is a great one. So make your picks and have fun. No matter what you will probably hear about a show that you didn’t go to from a friend and then wish you had.

Exile on Main St. (In-Store)

2:00 — Arkansas Dogjaw
3:00 PM — Sunset Stallion
4:00 PM — The Fantastic Plastics
5:00 PM — The Fresh Kills

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
7:30 PM — Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
8:45 PM — Roky Erickson with Okkervil River
10:30 PM — Cap’n Jazz

Canopy Club
7:30 PM — The Island of Misfit Toys
8:30 PM — Community College
9:15 PM — Withershins
10:00 PM — Take Care
10:45 PM — The Dirty Feathers
11:30 PM – Emeralds
12:30 AM — Caribou

Mike N Molly’s
8:00 PM — Zach May and the Maps
9:00 PM — The Viper and His Famous Orchestra

Cowboy Monkey
9:30 PM — The Poison Control Center
10:30 PM — Chain Gang of 1974
11:30 PM — Drink Up Buttercup
12:30 PM — Royal Bangs

indi go Co-op
8:45 PM — Kayla Brown
9:30 PM — Deathtram
10:15 PM — Jared Bartman
11:00 PM — Jimmy Gnecco

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