Remember Whensday – Carole King

This week, we wish a happy birthday to music icon Carole King. Born Carol Klein on February 9, 1942 in Manhattan, King found success when she partnered with Gerry Goffin to write a string of hits in the ’60s, but she later reached much greater notoriety with her second solo album, Tapestry. Though she is still best known for that early solo effort, King has not really slowed down since. In addition to releasing over a dozen albums, she has dabbled with film and received recognition for her philanthropic work and political activism.

But who can measure success from big awards and public love alone? The highest honor for some is to have a musical written about your life, and Carole King has even that. Beautiful first entered the world in 2013, but the start of its U.S. tour last fall renewed public adoration for King’s career. Though King has never slipped out of consciousness for her ardent fans, the musical is yet another capstone, cementing her career into place alongside the greats.

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