Remember Whensday – Led Zeppelin III

Written by Andie García Sheridan


Today marks the 46-year anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin III. They started the music of the 70’s off with a hit when Led Zeppelin released the third in a series of successful albums, introducing the gold that is “Immigrant Song”, “That’s The Way”, and “Tangerine”; just to name a few songs that went on to strongly influence rock and roll. The album continued their reputation and accomplishment while bringing a slight change from their norm established by their previous two albums. Led Zeppelin III starts off with the high energy “Immigrant Song,” then mellows into the subsequent acoustic ballads. Perhaps one of the most well known Zeppelin songs after “Stairway to Heaven”, “Immigrant Song” opened their third studio album with a war scream and a drum that mimicked heartbeat of the nation that would become an icon of Rock and Roll. With a driving bass line and Robert Plant’s robust voice, “Immigrant Song” introduced the album that would hit number one in charts in five nations. Another stand out song from the album was “Tangerine,” the acoustic ballad that inspired feelings of joy and hope created by Jimmy Page’s alternating minor and major keys throughout the song. Performing like a dancer, Page’s composition moved seamlessly from melancholy to jubilant, the minor chords making the major chords that much more meaningful and beautiful. The true jewel of this album is the acoustic and serene ballad, “That’s The Way.” A tale of two friends and the way they grow apart, “That’s The Way,” reflected Plant’s views on society at the time. A song about friends losing their way with each other, it spoke to the nation and struck a chord in the hearts of its listeners. With its spirited melody accompanied by the soft dulcimer, mandolin, and acoustic guitar, “That’s The Way” spoke out against many of the injustices facing society at the time while simultaneously establishing itself as one of greater songs in Zeppelin’s history. Led Zeppelin III’s release 46 years ago marked the beginning of the 70’s music era. However, Zeppelin’s influence on rock and roll has moved through the decades and even today, music they released nearly half a century ago holds up and maintains its place in the world of rock and roll.





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