Returning to rock

Elsinore will trot into the Canopy Club August 21, bringing their awe-inspiring set that they hauled all the way to California and back. Hopefully they haven’t been taken by the glitz and glam they received on their tour through the expansive country. The show will be part of a back-to-school series hosted by the Canopy Club that will showcase the progress of our dearest bands this summer for those of us who have been away at cheesy summer camp fire pits or law office monotony as well as giving those new to the area a taste of what music has to offer in CU.
Elsinore is known for their soaring lead vocals and Queen-esque backing harmonies. Listening to them on MySpace probably won’t prepare you for the strength of their live sound because fortunately, their live shows are almost 7.34 (7.31 really) times better than their already solid recordings. Catch their performance before they run off to yet another coast later on in the year.
Another local act, Sangamon, will support the bill with smooth lead vocals and streamlined songwriting. The lead singer’s alter ego, “The Piano Man,” should spark some curiosity on what this piano roll can do with all the freedom he will get without having to take requests. The group prides themselves on creating high-energy textured sounds with soaring vocals, memorable melodies, clever arrangements, heavy beats, and positive vibes.
Jonathon Childers will open the evening with his charmingly rough-around-the-edges personality that seeps through his Dylan guitar. His fresh and organic style, felt through both his music and character, exudes an element of honesty and truth, making his tunes personal and relatable.
With more showcases lined up the following weeks featuring World’s First Flying Machine and Zmick, Canopy Club leaves no excuse for new students and residents to miss out on the sounds that CU has to offer.

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