Sandwich or Show?

As poor college kids, we’re all constantly making decisions about what to buy with our feeble pockets of change. Pygmalion Music Festival is this weekend, and they’ve booked tons of bands worthy of any money you (may) have. Here’s a list of a few milk money face-offs and the choices:

Tonight:You can make the decision
to spend $8 on Chinese take-out with that special someone or you can see Sangamon, Darling Disarm, This is Me Smiling, Shipwreck, Maserati, Wax on Radio, and Roses and SakÇ at the Canopy Club.

The Verdict: Live music trumps hunger. Just make yourself some Easy Mac after the show.

Another decision for the night is whether to spend $5 on almost two gallons of gas or see Triple Whip, Dignan, Lucky Mulholland, Tunnels, and Terminus Victor at Mike n’ Molly’s downtown.

The Verdict Ride a bike.

Seven dollars of your hard-earned cash could be spent on “I’m sorry about last night” flowers, or on seeing Larry Gates, Kate and James Hathaway, Casados, Ms. Led, and Krukid w/ Pulsar 47 at 9 PM at Cowboy Monkey.

The Verdict Give her something she wants for a change.

Friday brings a new bundle of monetary decisions into our lives. For example, would you rather spend $5 on fifty text messages, or see Royal Electric, Death Ships, Skybox, Tractor Kings, and Probably Vampires at Mike n’ Molly’s?

The Verdict Communication through phones is overrated, and it’s really annoying to text people all night. I think you’ll make the right decision.

Also on Friday you could spend $20 on a hamster and a cage or see Dianogah and Andrew Bird at Krannert Center (Tyron Festival Theatre).

The Verdict Let’s face it – you’re roommate is probably enough of an animal for you and your living space to handle.

Friday is full of life-changing choices:
You could spend $12 on a case of beer, or experience Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, Baby Teeth, Unwed Sailor, Noah Harris, and Oceans at the Canopy Club.

The Verdict This one’s a toss-up. I recommend you do both.

The Highdive is featuring The Chemicals, Two Girls, Sybris, Dark Meat, The Beauty Shop, and The Living Blue for only $8. That’s $1.33 a show. You could also spend $8 on 36 packages of Ramen noodles.

The Verdict Skip the practically freeze dried noodles and go for the music. You’re arteries will thank you.

Here’s an easy one. Free show at Krannert (Stage Five) featuring Marla Hansen and Denison Witmer or sitting in your room doing nothing? Deal or no deal?

Saturday brings us to five final decisions:
Ten dollars towards four loads of laundry or seeing the likes of Jane Boxall, Lynn O’Brien, Angie Heaton, Ryan Groff, Caleb Engstrom, Liz Janes, and Owen at Caffe Paradiso?

The Verdict Hygiene is not as important as swooning for these great bands. Looking homeless is “in” anyway.

Two packages of white tees or ten bucks going towards Hypno-Music-Corp., Le Loup, Bound Stems, Yeasayer, Shapes and Sizes, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and Headlights at Canopy?

The Verdict You can just borrow one of mine. Don’t stain it.

Five dollars towards cover at Joe’s and countless pelvises thrust in your direction or seeing Inspector Owl, Robots Counterfeiting Money, Awesome Car Funmaker, and Via Audio at the Courtyard CafÇ?

The Verdict I know the Joe’s thing is tempting, but just say no to dry humping.

For another $5, you could buy a houseplant or you could see the International Theatre of War, Kristov’s Agenda, Coco Coca, and Mit’n at Mike n’ Molly’s.

The Verdict As much as I appreciate the extra oxygen, I promise Venus Flytraps don’t have a very long life span.

That $7 you made in an hour at your dreadful retail summer job could go towards a half pound of coffee beans or towards the show of your life featuring New Ruins, Gentleman Auction House, Canada, Foundry Field Recordings, and elsinore at Cowboy Monkey Saturday night.

The Verdict Music is natural caffeine, and it won’t even stain those beautiful chompers.

The bottom line? Live music is a beautiful thing. No one has ever regretted choosing to spend money on a show. We’re all poor as it is, so why not be poor and happy?

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