School’s Out Playlist

There is no feeling like the sweet release of finishing school for the summer. Our staff has put together a few songs for your summer listening pleasure. School is out, and we need songs other than Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” to celebrate.


Kanye West- School Spirit

This is the classic, “I’m way too smart for school” type of jam. We all go through this stage where we think we don’t need school and can still build our own kingdom. Kanye says it himself, “They say, ‘Oh you graduated?’ / No, I decided I was finished.” Who needs school anyways? Eventually, the world’s most famous college dropout finally received his degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Dr. West shows us that when you spit so hot that we all get tanned chasin’, then your dreams are the only plan. If you ain’t got a dream, stay in school kids!

-Shannon Fricke

Pool Party – The Aquabats!
These guys know how to party. Their sick summer pool party is going to have “food, and girls, and more food, and Mike Gerudo is coming!” Major bummer if you can’t make it cause this fun pop punk song features some far out synthesizer songs. Just make sure you wait 30 minutes after eating before you do your big cannonball!

-Mateo Muro

Slow Ride – Foghat


Alright alright alright there’s nothing like a total Dazed and Confused moment with this song playing in the background just like in the ending scene. After days that consisted of random naps, granola bars for dinner and sudden mini existential moments, once finals are over and ya hit the road it’s all a temporarily smooth ride from there. Foghat gets it, take it easy.

-Kayla Martinez

Copacabana- Barry Manilow

Nothing screams summer like Barry Manilow, and the Copacabana. “Music and passion are always the fashion at the Copa” truer words have never been spoken. Copacabana is an epic tale about the dancer Lola who was a show girl at the Copa. As time goes by Lola loses her love, her beauty, and the Copa. A true tragedy, but Lola’s story fits well as a swanky summer jam.

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