Senses Working Overtime

It’s damn near impossible to miss Lorenzo Goetz, be it as part of the C-U MTD’s new safety program, their famous live sets that veer from psychedelic pop to hip hop, or their cover of Public Enemy, complete with SW-1s and a viking helmet. This week, the foursome is releasing their Heavy EP, featuring the catchy single and production credits from some of this town’s finest (Andy Lund, Brett Sanderson, Anthony Gravino, Adam Schmitt, and two self-produced tracks); leader Larry Gates says, “We wanted to pull a ‘Jay-Z’ and give some of our favorite people a chance to put their fingerprints on this record. The only downside was that it probably took a little longer because of coordinating so many schedules, but what a treat to work with all these talented cats.” Senses caught up with Larry, who promised us eternal love and answered our most pressing questions, before the band launched into their monster tour to support the record.

1 } Who are five bands or musicians that you would want at your show?

Wait, how many people are in the Polyphonic Spree?

2 } Analog or digital?

The answer is supposed to be analog, but we’re broke so…DIGITAL!

3 } Who would win in a fight: Ghostface Killah or Diamond Dave?

Ghostface. He’s ferocious. Dave just does the splits.

4 } Why should anyone come to your show?

To hear what kind of nonsense comes out of my mouth after seven shots.

Lorenzo Goetz will celebrate the release Friday, Feb. 17 at the Canopy Club in Urbana. Also on the bill is hip-hop collective Abstract Giants, Dropped Once, and Ugandan MC Krukid. Tickets are $5, and the EP sells for $6.

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