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Justify My Thug with FireFlies

Whether or not Braid are solely responsible for the creation of emo is debatable, but they

certainly created a niche for well-calculated, glazed indie-pop locally. And no band is as

committed to that sound as newcomers FireFlies, who grew up listening to the classic Champaign band. Buzz asked a few questions of the band before their Pygmalion

Music Festival set this Thursday.

1 } Who are five bands or musicians that you would want at your show?

A bunch of dead bands, because there would be less pressure to play well.

2 } Analog or digital?

It depends on what you are working with. Some digital effect pedals and synths these

days can get some really cool tones. We’re firm believers in tape while recording. While

recording our demo, it took a lot of convincing from the engineer to dump into ProTools.

3 } Where would you rather play: an Air Force base or a puppet show?

Puppet show. We’d probably get better reactions from small children and a bunch of socks

with faces drawn on them.

4 } Why should anyone come to your show?

Probably the dynamics; there’s a lot going on when we play. We stay busy up there.

Plus Kyle, our synth player, puts on a mean strip show.

5 } Is Bob Nanna (Braid, City On Film) the sexiest man on Earth?

You know that episode of Saved By The Bell where Zack has that pulldown poster of

Kelly? We’ll let’s just say Bob Nanna is our drummers’ Kelly. I mean, everyone knew

that Paul was cute, but all the cool girls dug on George, if you know what I mean.

FireFlies will be appearing with local pop-punkers Green Light Go and Chicago’s Unique Chique, who appears at the recommendation of none other than the aforementioned sexiest man on Earth. The show is this Thursday at Mike ‘n Molly’s as part of the Living Blue CD release after-party, beginning at 11p.m. with a $5 cover or a Pygmalion armband.

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