Smith EP

[Saddle Creek]
For the boys of Tokyo Police Club, everything seems to be going their way. Performances at both Coachella and Lollapalooza this summer have solidified the Canadian quartet’s reputation as a powerful live act. After recently signing to Saddle Creek, they are easily the Oklahoma powerhouse’s freshest and most promising prospect. And, the release of 2006’s A Lesson In Crime is still generating buzz and a wildfire fan base that young indie acts rarely see.
The Smith EP is a solid addition to their extraordinary debut. The same youthful energy is immediately apparent when singer David Monks hums a melody lightheartedly before the first track, “Box,” kicks off explosively. The guitar riffing sounds like The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. on speed, while the catchy hooks and cheery background vocals make this song flawlessly pick up right where A Lesson In Crime left off.
The next song, “Cut Cut Paste,” brings the energy level even higher. The guitar effects are stunning, and the melody swings with jaw dropping breaks and more background vocals. For TPC fans, it is a joy to hear this live favorite produced so well in the studio. The EP concludes with monk singing softly accompanied by a lonely piano. It is endearing and genuine.
A remix of the band’s hit, “Be Good,” and three music videos are also included in the EP for some added fun.
Consisting of only three previously unreleased tracks and clocking in at just over 10 minutes in length, Smith is more of a tide over than an actual release that stands on its own. Hopefully these few infectious tracks can hold fans over until the bands first full length, slated to come out in 2008, arrives.
Grade: A

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