Songs for Flu Season

I’ve been sick for the past few days. Lethargic, falling-asleep-on-my-homework sick. Wishing-it-were-Thanksgiving-break-so-I-could-just-watch-Netflix-sick. But of course, it’s not Thanksgiving break yet, and I’ve still got two papers to finish this week. So I made a playlist to help me through them.

Most of the selections are drawn from indie or French artists (or indie French artists) and are, for the most part, quite calming. The cool-side-of-the-pillow-type vibe. A handful have more energy to them (ex: The Cure’s “Mint Car” and Tegan and Sara’s “Wake Up Exhausted”), but only so much to keep you (and me) from drifting off into a textbook. Otherwise, it’s a low-energy playlist perfect for sick days and finishing that lab report at 2am.

Here’s to waiting for break:

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