Songs That Make You Say “Aww” Playlist

I started this playlist a couple of months ago when I first listened to Clairo’s most recent album and heard the song “Softly.” It made me say, out loud, “aww” when I first heard it, and as I thought a little longer about this, I realized that I could think of a bunch of songs that have made me say “aww” out loud. I decided that it might be a cool idea to make a playlist of these songs, and I finally got around to making that playlist, which is what I’m sharing today. This playlist is full of wholesome, lovey-dovey type songs to listen to whenever you need some extra love in your life. Enjoy!

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Carolina, or Cari, is from the Northwest side of Chicago who enjoys all things British, especially music. Her favorite Beatle is John, but she also has a soft spot for Paul. If she's not at Espresso Royale making playlists, she's probably scoping out campus for the best gluten-free food.

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