sound ground #124

Mark Rubel, Lifetime Achievement winner at the WPGU-buzz Local Music Awards 2006, adroitly juggles yet another job: “expert audio witness for law firms who specialize in sampling infringement cases.” Rubel elaborates: “Basically I determine if something is sampled or not, and explain what that is and what it means to a judge and jury.” One example is the dispute over “Ready to Die” by Notorious BIG, which samples “Singing in the Morning” by Ohio Players – without permission. According to BBC News, the music companies with the rights to “Singing in the Morning” were awarded more than four million dollars in damages; Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy LLC, Justin Combs Publishing, and Universal Records intend to appeal.
New Ruins is at work on a full-length in a different style from prior releases A Collection and Hotter Months. The full-length is being
self-produced at the duo’s home studio and Midget Pistol in Westville. New Ruins is
vocalist-guitarist-keyboardist Elzie Sexton and vocalist-guitarist-percussionist J. Caleb Means; Sexton and Means seek additional instrumentalists in order to perform the new material live. New Ruins plays on Friday at Channing-Murray Foundation with The Dolphin and Mit’n. Show time is 9 p.m., and cover is $4.

Nadafinga will now open for Mandroid (Destroyers of the Human Race), tonight at Cowboy Monkey. Show time now is 10:30 p.m., and cover still is $4.

Lanterna’s Chicago record release for Desert Ocean is May 19, not May 16. Also, in both Chicago and Champaign, French producer Hector Zazou will not open for Lanterna, but instead play with Lanterna. The opening bands for the Champaign show are Pulsar47 and The Invisible.
Todd J. Hunter hosts WEFT Sessions and Champaign Local 901, two hours of local music every Monday at 10 p.m. on WEFT 90.1 FM. He also wonders after last week how it is possible Terminus Victor is not famous. Send news to Support your scene to preserve your scene.

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