sound ground #74

i:scintilla confirmed major changes April 28. Guitarist Jason Allen has departed the band, and Chad Mines has switched from bass to guitar to replace him. Rounding out the new lineup is Relenter cover girl and Cameo Turret bassist Bethany Whisenhunt, whose first three local shows with i:scintilla (apart from Band Jam) all are album releases: Green St. Records’ at The Highdive April 24, The Ending’s at Cowboy Monkey April 29, and Relenter’s at Mike ‘n Molly’s June 18. At press time, an i:scintilla Web site redesign was due this week.

Kipp Wilfong, Oregonian ÇmigrÇ and drummer for The Invisible, is taking time off from the band for a coast-to-coast bike ride. He will be back, but concerts continue in the meantime in promotion of the album Invisibility. His summer replacement is none other than Seth Fein (ex-Headlights, 2ON2OUT). Invisibility was re-released last week with revised album art: enhanced colors, lighter text, and more extensive liner notes. Work is underway already at Polehouse on the follow-up: a concept album chock-full of childlike optimism yet mature musicianship. It will include the single “The Rooftop Chimney Sweeper,” available at

The official Web site for The Living Blue is up at last, with thanks to Josh Gragg of American Minor “for once again lending his artistic eye.” The Living Blue reports its third album, due this autumn, will be produced and mixed by Adam Schmitt and called Fire, Blood, Water. features streams of three unreleased songs: “Serrated Friend,” “State of Affairs” and “Murderous Youth.”

Joe Ludwinski, Jason Milam, and Bill “Wink” Turner are together again as Scurvine. To commemorate this, there are: Poke You in Your Eyes, a six-track EP of straightforward, fuzzed out rock at C.V. Lloyde Music Center and a comeback concert tomorrow night at Brass Rail with Tractor Kings and Mad Science Fair. Show time is 10, and cover is $3.

At the same time, Temple of Low Men drummer Ian Shepherd joins his bandmate Brandon T. Washington for a nostalgic set at The Iron Post; the pair opens for Lorenzo Goetz, and cover is $3. Then Saturday night, Ian’s new “10 percent jazz, 90 percent funk” combo Bahlu Organ Trio opens for Beat Kitchen at Cowboy Monkey. Show time is 10, and cover is $4. Brandon belongs to Beat Kitchen, as did Ian before he moved to Des Moines last May.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and Craig Russo Latin Jazz Project convenes tonight at 7 to celebrate at The Iron Post. At 8, folk singers Joni Laurence and Rachel Garlin return to Latin-themed coffeehouse Aroma for a free show. At 10, Eclectic Theory plays its first show since December, another freebie in the beer garden at White Horse Inn.

Tomorrow, singer-songwriter G. Lee is the featured performer for Acoustic Fusion at Verde Gallery. Show time is 8 p.m., and cover is $5. And at 10 p.m., Nargile hosts a benefit for Eric Resor, former drummer for Eclectic Theory. Eric was diagnosed with kidney failure earlier this year and now awaits a transplant. Cover is $5, and all proceeds go to the Resor family. Ambitious Pie Party joins Eclectic Theory on this bill.

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